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The Next Thing On My List

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Title: The Next Thing On My List
Author: Jill Smolinski
Publisher: Crown
ISB N: 0307351246 / 978-0307351241
Price: 10 $
Source: my dad bought it for me
Pages: 304

"The Next Thing On My List" is about June who wants to drop of Marissa at her home from a Weight Watchers-meeting. They endure a car accident and Marissa is hurled out of the car because she's not belted on in the moment of impact, resulting in her death. June takes the blame for Marissa's death on herself even though the accident was somebody else's fault. Marissa's bag is accidentally given to June and she finds a list inside of it with 20 things that Marissa wanted to do before her 25th birthday; June keeps this list to herself without telling anyone, but forwards everything else to Marissa's parents.
Half a year after the accident June decides to visit Marissa's grave, where she meets the dead girl's brother Troy. She accidentally tells him about the list and regrets it immediately because he gets angry at her for keeping this piece of information to herself. June then tells him the lie that she wanted to do the things on the list for Marissa until the day that would have been her 25th birthday.
Troy seems okay with that and promises her to help her with anything she needs to complete that goal, resulting in June actually having to do the things that are written on the list. She jumps into the adventure and tries to tick off the bullet points as fast as possible as there are 18 she still needs to complete but only less than half a year of time. And is it possible that she falls in love with a certain guy called Troy along the way?

My Opinion
I thought that this book was fantastic! To be honest: I did not expect this. When I picked the book out of an advertising folder, I only saw the cover, no summary given, so I was really happy when my old method of "jugding the book by its cover" went well once again (but I only apply that method on books, just so we're clear). I got through it in about two days, that's how much I was into that book! When I got to the last third of the book, I had kinda already guessed how a strand of the story would end but that didn't make my reading experience bad, it made it even better as I anticipated how the author would manage to get there. I also think that I only randomly got the right idea of the end (or I'm just super smart) so it's not like you know how it'll all end from the first page on. And of course I left out a part in the summary that gets rather important in the plot but it has something to do with a point on the list and I don't want to spoil anything for y'all.
Form your own opinion on the book. 'The Next Thing On Your List' is great for romantic people and those who love lying in bed for hours and read books. But it's also a great read while driving (though please don't be the driver, ok? Be the front-seat passenger or stuff).

by C├ęcile

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