Thursday, August 12, 2010

Was? Wäre? Wenn?

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Original title: Was? Wäre? Wenn?
Author: Wiebke Lorenz
Publisher: Piper Boulevard (Germany)
ISB N: 3-492-23843-2 / 978-3-492-23843-4 (Germany)
Price: 8.95 €
Source: Christmas gift 2008
Pages: 284 (Germany)

Charly's life is a mess. She dropped out of university and now works as a waitress in her best friend Tim's pub. When one day her school flame Moritz comes into the pub and carries her on a date, she redevelops feelings for him. Soon after that the 10-year-school reunion of her graduation class is due and Moritz asks her for a dance, so Charly thinks he has feelings for her, too - ya think!
She finds out that Moritz only used her to make his fiancée Isa jealous, who went to the same school.  Charly leaves the party red-arsed.
A few days later she finds a business card for a recruitment consultant in Tim's jacket, so she thinks he wants to close the pub down, which is why she goes to the named adress to get to know more. There she finds out that this "consultant" offers her for free to take memories out of her life to make them undone. Of corse, Charly takes the offer and "deletes" memories of her one-night stands, her first time (with Moritz that went so horribly wrong) and many more.
When she comes home after that procedure, she finds out that due to her deleted memories her and Moritz are a couple since school and planned to marry on that same day.
In fact, they doy marry, even though Charly is kind of confused, and life couldn't be more perfect. But Isa happens to be in love with Moritz also in this univers, so she tries everything to break their luck. She actually manages that, so Charly has nobody to offer her a shoulder to cry on, because Tim  never opened the pub and so isn't her friend but Moritz' boss.
Will everything turn out good for Charly? What will happen to Isa and Moritz? Will she be able to convince Tim who he "really" is? And most importantly, will she be able to get back into her former world?

Personal opinion
I really liked this book, it was written enjoyably and so it was easy to read - I did it within one to two weeks. At the end I wasn't even able to put it away anymore and read into the night because it was so thrilling. I got the book as a gift and hadn't heard about it yet, but if I did I would definately have bought it myself.
I think this book is perfect for those people who would have liked to make some things undone in their life, because after reading this novel they realize it might turn out a lot worse!
I recommend this book to everyone who can sacrifice one or two hours to read.

by Cecile

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