Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Hello everybody ^^

This blog's name is "Kick their butt while reading" and available over the URL (The enlish posts have the matching URL, but the posts will be linked directly on the review-blogposts.) Here I will post one to two book reviews per week which you can use to inform yourself about Young Adult literature.

Of course these books are subjectively rated by my own reading experience, so it might be possible that other readers will rate books differently than I do, but I'll try my best to emblaze the books from all sides.

The revies will tell you the story of the books up to a certain point so you will still be interested in reading the book yourself. Plus, I will also state price and publisher of the copy I read and will try to find a good price and publisher for the english reviews. After that, I will post my opinion and personal reading experience on the book.

As you can  see, I will try to also translate the reviews into english in a different blog post so the possible english followers of this blog will have joy reading as well.

Have fun and look forward to a couple of interesting posts ^^


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